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The Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT), also called BHT Berlin, is a prominent institution and one of the largest among Germany’s state institutions of applied sciences. buy fake degree, fake diploma, make certificate online, Buy a fake #Berliner Hochschule für Technik degree. There are around 12 000 students studying at BHT in more than 70 majors and 795 employees, under which there are 291 professors and 43 guest lecturers. How do I buy a fake Federation University Australia diploma?

The BHT is divided into several departments instead of faculties like general public universities. Currently, there are eight departments with varying numbers of degree programs.

Berliner Hochschule Für Technik has eight departments, which are:

Department I – economics and social sciences
Department II – Mathematics – Physics – Chemistry
Department III – civil engineering and geographic information
Department IV – architecture and building technology
Department V – Life Sciences and Technology
Department VI – Informatics and Media
Department VII – Electrical engineering – mechatronics – optometry
Department VIII – Mechanical engineering, event technology, process engineering

Since 2005, BHT has offered degree programs for bachelor’s or master’s degree only. BHT is the only public institution in Germany that offers a degree program for Theater and Event Technology and Management.