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Founded in 1823 as the London Mechanics’ Institution, Birkbeck College was incorporated into the University of London by the Royal Charter in 1926. Students registered for degrees at the College are Internal Students of the University of London. Unlike other colleges of the University of London, Birkbeck not only provides a range of full-time postgraduate taught courses and research programs for the UK and international students, but has a special mission in meeting the needs of over 5000 mature part-time evening students reading for first or higher degrees. Birkbeck College diploma

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King’s Cross and St. Pancras stations are 15-20 minutes’ walk from the college. Several departments share resources with University College, London, which is adjacent to Birkbeck College. Access to the printed scientific literature is mainly provided by University College’s DMS Watson science library, which is less than 5 minutes walk from the main building. In addition, the new British Library is approx. 15 minutes walk from the college.