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Brno University of Technology (abbreviated: BUT; in Czech: Vysoké učení technické v Brně – Czech abbreviation: VUT) is a university located in Brno, Czech Republic. Being founded in 1899 and initially offering a single course in civil engineering, it grew to become a major technical Czech university with over 18,000 students enrolled at 8 faculties and 2 university institutes.
The Jesuits dominated university education in Moravia at the beginning of the 18th century as they controlled the University of Olomouc. The focus on theology and philosophy was not welcomed by the Moravian nobility. The nobility initiated the commencement of law education at the University of Olomouc in 1679. Later in 1725, the Moravian nobility enforced the establishment of the Academy of Nobility in Olomouc. Law and economy, mathematics, geometry, civil and military architecture, history, and geography were lectured there. As it aimed to promote knighthood also foreign languages, dance, swordsmanship, and equitation were taught there. The Academy was in Olomouc until 1847 when it was relocated to Brno, where it became the basis for what was later to become the University of Technology. buy BUT degree, buy fake BUT diploma online, where to buy BUT fake diploma?

Due to the extinction of the University in Olomouc, no institution would provide an academic education in Moravia, and only one technical school, besides the German one, could not cover the lack of need, so the students mostly left to Prague, Vienna, or Kraków. Related to this situation the voices that called for the establishment of a university, buy fake diploma, buy fake degree, buy fake certificate. but not a regional one in Olomouc but in the state capital – Brno, grew stronger. The Moravian Germans rejected the second Czech university and thus led to many quarrels (the settlement occurred after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1919 by the establishment of Masaryk University). In September 1899 the disputes were solved by founding the Imperial Czech Technical University of Franz Joseph in Brno.