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Thompson Rivers University (often referred to as TRU) is a public teaching and research university that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and vocational training. Its main campus is Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, and its name comes from the two rivers converging in Kamloops, in North Thompson and South Thompson. The university has a satellite campus and a distance education department called TRU-Open Learning in Williams Lake, British Columbia. It has also established multiple international partnerships through its TRU World division. Buy Thompson Rivers University fake diploma.

TRU offers 140 on-campus courses and approximately 60 online or distance courses through the Open Learning Department, including trade apprentices, vocational certificates and diplomas, bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and law.

Kamloops is now known as the largest population center in the Thompson-Okanagan and Cariboo-Chilcotin area, and was selected by the British Columbia government as the home of several new two-year regional colleges that provide academic and vocational education outside the city Courses are the center of service of the three universities in the province. The province established the Cariboo College in 1970, and began to enroll 367 full-time students and 200 part-time students in September 1970, initially outside the Kamloops Indian boarding school facility.

Cariboo offers a two-year academic program that enables students to transfer to UBC and the newly established Simon Fraser University (SFU) and Victoria University (UVic). The college has also started a vocational training program to meet the needs of the forestry, mining and other industries in the region. Where to buy Thompson Rivers University fake diploma? Buy Thompson Rivers University fake diploma in Canada.  Cariboo’s career department, now called the College of Trade and Technology, was established after the college moved to a new campus under construction on McGill Road in September 1971. In May 1972, BC Governor WAC Bennett officially opened a career department. According to the provincial authorization, Cariboo merged with Kamloops Vocational School in 1974 to provide training for Kamloops and the region’s demanding occupations.

In 1978, in accordance with the British Columbia Colleges and Provincial Colleges Act, Cariboo was officially designated as a corporate-status college and obtained a board of directors independent of the school board that previously administers it. The bill also created the Open Learning Institute (OLI), which was later renamed TRU, or Open Learning, to provide academic courses and vocational training for people who are unable to receive higher education due to geographic isolation or other reasons across the province. reason. In the second year, the “University Law” gave OLI the power to grant a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts or science in its own name.