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How long is a diploma at Unisa?

6 years to complete a 240-credit qualification (2-year advanced certificate or diploma) 8 years to complete a 360-credit qualification (3-year degree or diploma) 10 years to complete a 480-credit qualification (4-year degree)

How Many Years Is A Diploma In UNISA?

A Diploma will take a minimum of three years to complete, and can take up to six years to complete. This depends on a number of factors, such as whether you study part-time or full-time. Note that you cannot take longer than six years to complete a Diploma. You can apply for a one-year or two-year deferment in extreme circumstances, which will allow you to complete your Diploma in seven or eight years. UNISA diploma in Education, UNISA diploma courses and requirements, UNISA diploma courses 2023, 1 year diploma Courses at UNISA, UNISA degree.

Unisa is Africa’s leading distance learning institution nurturing inspiring leaders of tomorrow. We are a reputable, comprehensive, flexible and accessible open distance learning institution that is motivating a future generation. We offer internationally accredited qualifications and have world-class resources. Our vision “towards the African university in the service of humanity” drives us to find answers to Africa’s educational and developmental problems. By forming partnerships in Africa and throughout the world, we are able to help the people of Africa achieve their dreams. The three core business areas of Unisa are teaching, research and community engagement. Our world-class research is spearheaded by the Research and Innovation portfolio and community engagement by our Community Engagement and Outreach Policy. We also place great importance on the celebration and promotion of our African arts and culture through various endeavors, including the Archaeology and Anthropology Museum, Music Directorate and Little Theatre. Offering study opportunities to more than 400 000 students from across South Africa, Africa and other parts of the world, Unisa offers a diverse choice of study fields at levels from certificate to degree.