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IFMA’s CFM is the most distinguished credential in the facility industry. A recent IFMA study found that CFMs earn 25% more than their non-CFM counterparts and tend to occupy higher management positions.

IFMA’s CFM is an internationally recognized credential that sets the standard for ensuring the knowledge and competence of practicing facility managers. It is a competency-based certification that requires ongoing professional development and periodic renewal. buy IFMA certificate, order IFMA fake certificate, buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, order CFM certificate, buy CFM certificate online.

How long does it take to get CFM certification?

On average you can complete the program in 12-18 months. Most students who work full-time take one or two classes per quarter, depending on their work schedules and other obligations.

What is the CFM certification?

The Certified Facility Manager (CFM) is the globally-recognized credential to help you showcase the mastery of your skills and knowledge across the entire FM body of knowledge.