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The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) is a UK-based international professional association which exists to promote and advance for the public benefit the science and practice of building and construction.  Originating in 1834 as the Builders Society and incorporated in 1884 as The Institute of Builders, the institute was renamed the Institute of Building in 1965 and granted its royal charter of incorporation in September, 1980. buy fake degree, buy fake diploma, fake certificates, How to buy fake UK diploma?

CIOB’s Academy establishes standards and conducts training courses in practices and disciplines of the construction industry, providing support, guidance and formal qualifications to individuals and companies. Designations of MCIOB (Member) and FCIOB (Fellow) are attainable by members who may also achieve qualification as “Chartered Builder” or “Chartered Construction Manager”.

The institute has some 45,000 members of whom 80 per cent reside in the UK and the others are in branches established in over 100 countries. CIOB is a full member of the Construction Industry Council. buy a UK degree, order fake UK diploma online, How to buy fake CIEEM certificate?

What is the CIOB equivalent to?

CIOB’s Chartered Membership (MCIOB) is comparable to a Bachelor’s Degree, and CIOB Chartered Fellowship (FCIOB) is equivalent to a Master’s Degree.