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Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary (currently Palmer Theological Seminary) was established to provide a theologically conventional seminary within the American Baptist Church. Beginning in 1925 as a department of Theological Seminary, Eastern College became a separate organization in 1952 and relocated to its present St. Buy Eastern College fake diploma.

Davis place, altering its name to “Eastern Baptist University.” In 1972, it was relabelled “Oriental College”. In 2001, the Pennsylvania Division of Education gave the institution “university status” and transformed its name to Eastern College. How much to purchase Eastern University phony diploma? Just how to get Eastern College phony diploma? Order Eastern College phony diploma online. Purchase Eastern University phony diploma online. In 2004, the establishment’s board of directors voted to get its former alma mater, Eastern Baptist Theological Academy,

The university is connected with the American Baptist Churches U.S.A. and also has an interdenominational Christian pupil body with all faculty and managers called for to adhere to the college’s churches. Eastern University is recognized by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education. Eastern Baptist Theological Academy (now Palmer Theological Seminary) was founded to supply a theologically conventional seminary within the American Baptist Churches.