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Golden Gate University (GGU or Golden Gate) is a private, non-profit university in San Francisco, California. Founded in 1901, GGU specializes in educating professionals through its schools of law, business, taxation, and accounting. The university offers six undergraduate degrees with 11 concentrations and 15 graduate degrees with 24 concentrations.

The university advanced out of the literary reading groups of the San Francisco Central YMCA at once when, according to one modern price quote, just one of every 2 thousand men had a college education. GGU shares its YMCA origins with a number of other U.S. universities, including Bentley College, Funding College Legislation Institution, Michigan State College of Law, Northeastern College (Boston, Massachusetts), Northern Kentucky College Salmon P. Chase College of Regulation, Roosevelt University, South Texas College of Law, College of Toledo College of Regulation, Western New England University, and also Youngstown State College. purchase fake diploma, purchase phony Golden Entrance College degrees, purchase fake Golden Entrance University certifications. On November 1, 1881 at the YMCA building at 232 Sutter Road, which the organization had inhabited since 1868, the YMCA Night School was established. Classes were supplied in bookkeeping, math, stenography, elocution, Spanish and also gymnastics. Effective completion of these programs caused a certificate that was recognized by more than 100 colleges and profession schools. Various other offerings of the association would include a common school for boys. In April 1894 the YMCA relocated to a brand-new five-story structure at the northeast corner of Mason and Ellis Streets.