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SIM University (UniSIM) was a private university in Singapore between 2005 and 2017. The university was established and managed under the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). It was the only private university in Singapore after Nanyang University. The university practiced an open-door academic policy towards working adults and offered only part-time programs. Between 2010 and 2017, UniSIM was registered under the Committee for Private Education (CPE).

In 2017, UniSIM was restructured into the sixth autonomous university, Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), and brought under the ambit of the Ministry of Education. Subsequently, SUSS conducted an exercise to issue certificates in SUSS for UniSIM-issued certificates. A statement will indicate that these qualifications had been received under the former’s name.

In September 2018, SUSS launched College of Lifelong and Experimental Learning (CLEL), which provides learning before and after a university education. There are three sub-units under CLEL which are the Centre for Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE), Centre for University Core (CUC) and Centre for Experiential Learning (CEL). The university has also collaborated with some universities of great valour such as Athabasca University (Canada), Beijing Foreign Studies University (China), Cranfield University (UK), Chongquing City Management College (China) and Justice Institute of British Columbia (Canada). Alibaba Cloud-SUSS Entrepreneurship Programme was launched in 2017, wherein students received a certificate or minor in entrepreneurship. This was done to help the students learn to build a minimum viable product, ideation, validation and pitching for funding. SIM University diploma, buy fake diploma in Singapore. where to buy SIM University diploma? order fake diploma.

Students taking the undergraduate programmes here may be eligible for government subsidies, tuition fee and study loans and access to government bursaries. It has 32 part-time undergraduate courses suitable for those who work and study parallel. The full-time undergraduate courses available here are Bachelor of Accountancy, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with a Minor, Bachelor of Human Resource Management with a Minor, Bachelor of Public Safety and Security and five more such courses. The full-time graduate courses available here are the Graduate Diploma in Gerontology, Graduate Diploma in Taxation, Master of Gerontology and thirty more such courses. Additionally, it also has law programmes such as Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Law.