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The New School is a private research university in New York City. Founded in 1919 as the New School for Social Studies, its original mission was to be dedicated to academic freedom and intellectual inquiry, and to provide a home for progressive thinkers. Since then, the school has grown into five departments within the university. These include the Parsons School of Design, the Eugene Longman School, the School of Performing Arts comprising the Mannes School of Music, the School of Drama and the School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, the New School for Social Studies and the School of Public Engagement. Buy The New School fake diploma.

In addition, the University has retained the Parsons Paris campus and has established or housed a number of institutions such as the International Research Institute World Policy Institute, the Philip Glass Institute, the Villalist Center for Arts and Politics, the India China Institute, Latin American Observatory and Center for New York City Affairs. It is classified as “R2: Doctoral University – High Research Activity”. Approximately 10,000 students are enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs and disciplines, including design, social sciences, music, and liberal arts. , humanities, architecture, fine arts, design, theatre, finance, psychology and public policy.

Its faculty and alumni include many prominent businessmen, politicians, fashion designers, journalists, musicians and artists. Notable students and alumni with outstanding achievements in politics and business include economist Heather Boushey, member of President Joe Biden’s Council of Economic Advisers; Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes; Douglas Cliggott, former chief investment strategist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. division; entrepreneur Stewart Krentzman, a former OKI Industry executive; former Israeli President Simon Peres; and former Brazilian finance minister Nelson Barbosa. In the arts, notable alumni include artist-activist Harry Belafonte; fashion designers Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Donna Karan; actors Marlon Brando, Tony Curtis, Rod Steiger, Bea Arthur and Bradley Cooper; jazz legend Bill Evans; trumpeter/composer Roy Hargrove; songwriter Burt Bacharach; Soprano Frederica von Stadt; playwright Lorraine Hansbury; composer John Cage; and painter Norman Rockwell.

Since its founding in 1919 by progressive New York educators, mostly ex-Columbia faculty opposed to the mandatory oath of loyalty, the university has been known as the New School for Social Studies for most of its history. How much to buy The New School fake diploma? Where to buy The New School fake diploma? Buy The New School fake diploma in USA. Order The New School fake diploma online. Between 1997 and 2005, it was known as the New School University. The university and its various faculties changed their name in 2005.

The New College established the University of Exile and the Higher Liberty Academy as graduate schools in 1933 to provide an academic haven for scholars who had escaped from Nazi Germany and other hostile regimes in Europe. In 1934, the University in Exile was chartered by the State of New York and renamed the Graduate School of Political and Social Sciences. In 2005, it adopted the original name of the entire institution, the New Institute for Social Research, while the larger institution was renamed the New Institute.