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Is College of Oulu free for worldwide students?

Citizens of European Union (EU) or European Economic Location (EEA) nations or Switzerland studying in a global Bachelor’s and Master’s Program at the University of Oulu are not required to pay tuition fees.

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The University of Oulu is among the globe’s leading universities placed in the leading 3 percent of all the 17,000 colleges of the globe. Right here you will certainly obtain top quality education and learning.

The College of Oulu (Finnish: Oulun yliopisto) is just one of the biggest universities in Finland, situated in the city of Oulu. It was founded on July 8, 1958. The college has around 13,000 students and 2,900 staff. 21 International Master’s Programmes are offered at the college. The college is usually ranked as one of the better universities in Finland as well as in the top-400 globally.

The main school is located in Linnanmaa, concerning 5 kilometres (3 mi) north of Oulu city centre. It consists of 6 faculties, four emphasis institutes, Herb Gardens as well as Gallery, as well as university library Pegasus, and also Tellus Innovation Field.

Professors of Medication and also Biochemistry and Molecular Medication lie at the Kontinkangas Campus 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) southeast from the town hall, Kontinkangas, Oulu. Oulu Teaching Hospital, Medical Study Centre (MRC) as well as Biocenter Oulu are additionally located there.

The University of Oulu intends to promote wheelchair among its students. It participates in a number of worldwide exchange programs, such as Erasmus Program (Europe), Nordplus (Nordic Nations), FIRST (Russia), ISEP as well as International to International ISEP (USA, South America, Asia), UNC-EP (U.S.A.), north2north (USA, Canada, Russia, Nordic Countries), North-South-South (Africa). Besides, the College of Oulu has around 50 bilateral arrangements with partner universities around the world.