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Yakima Valley College (YVC) is a public community college in Yakima, Washington. It was founded as Yakima Valley Community College in 1928 with Elizabeth Prior serving as the institution’s first president. The college offers four Bachelor of Applied Science degree programs, 55 associate degree programs and more than 100 certificates of achievement.

YVC’s service district covers more than 8,000 square miles, encompassing Yakima, Kittitas and Klickitat counties. The main campus is located at S. 16th Ave. and Nob Hill Boulevard in Yakima. There also is a campus in Grandview, and learning centers in Toppenish, Sunnyside and Ellensburg.

What I liked about Yakima valley college was how connected you can feel to professors or to your classes. Since we have smaller class groups you can feel that the teachers there want to help you succeed. With smaller classes you are able to get the help you need from your professor or from one of the sources provided by the school like math/writing tutoring. Also if you are dealing with any problem and contact any office like financial aid you are able to get a quick response unless it the time where every student needs help like in the beginning of the school year. Another thing that I love about Yakima valley college is they have two campuses.

One in Yakima and one in Grandview which is really nice because I live 40 minutes away from Yakima and Grandview is only 15 minutes away. My experience at Yakima valley college was great, I was glad I was able to go here and would have stayed longer but had to transfer to get the degree I need.