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Stralsund University of Applied Sciences is a young and innovative campus university with a technical and economic profile. Can I order a fake Hochschule Stralsund Urkunde online? Make Hochschule Stralsund diploma, How to buy Stralsund University of Applied Sciences degree? Future-oriented degree courses, strong cooperation with companies and an excellent student-to-staff ratio offer 2,000 students the ideal conditions for successful studies and a promising career start. The university attracts attention with excellent research and contemporary teaching in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering and economics.

Prospective students can choose from 27 accredited bachelor’s and master’s programs in German or English and one Diplom program. The programs on offer not only include traditional courses such as Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Business Administration, but also new and innovative programs such as IT Security and Mobile Systems, Motorsport Engineering, or Tourism Development Strategies. Currently, approximately 2,200 students from 36 countries are studying at the three schools – Business Administration, Engineering, and Electrical Engineering and Informatics.

Studying in Stralsund has another important advantage: living costs are much lower than at several other university locations. Finding a cheap flat with a very good standard in the town center is no problem at all in Stralsund. At the same time, Student Services, of course, offer cheap rooms in the halls of residence. Fake Stralsund University of Applied Sciences degree for sale, buy Urkunde from Germany, buy fake HOST certificate, buy master degree from HOST. Highlight: the student village “Holzhausen” situated right on campus!