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Renowned for its academic excellence and international teaching standards, RSU is rated in the highest category (out of five possible levels) in quality assurance audits conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Thai Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment (Public Organisations).

Rangsit University (RSU) is a top private university in Thailand, fully accredited by the Thai Government’s Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education. It is located on the border of Bangkok, in the student town with all the necessary facilities for eating, sport and entertainment. where to buy RSU fake diploma? buy RSU fake degree, how to order RSU fake degree? I want to buy RSU fake diploma.

Founded in 1986, now Rangsit University International College (RIC) provides 23 international programs with opportunities for exchange, having a double or joint degree with our partner universities. Programs cover wide range of fields of study, such as Science, Business, Design and Languages. The college arranges English language courses for those who would like to study, but do not have the required level of English. Also, international students can apply for financial support from the faculty.